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  • Testimonies

    “Thanks Casey for the sermon and video that was very thought provoking. Your thought provoking message… made it the best Good Friday service we have ever attended. Very worshipful and very powerful message. Certainly right in line with today’s world… Thank God for a Savior who loves us and will spare us eternal suffering because we have chosen Him in faith to be our Savior and Redeemer.”

    “Casey,  Your message tonight was awesome and as always, an inspiration for me to be closer to God. Every time I’m listening to you… I learn so much.”

    “You are so energetic with your passion for Christ and wow, that is awesome!!! Just being in the group… was an awesome experience.”

    “Thanks for your candor and courage!”

    “WOW! and THANK YOU for being so convicted, passionate, articulate (and any other –ate words) as well as Biblically sound in your arguments. I was so inspired… Anyway, I agreed 100% on each point you made and hope you will continue to champion the cause of Christ in such a well presented manner.”

    “You did an awesome job Thursday. Thank you very much. The kids talked about your analogies all the way to the meet. By the way we won……… that was an added extra to the day.”

    “Thanks for being bold… Thats hard to do, especially in front of 100 people! …I agree with what you were saying… I believe it made people think beyond their fuzzy feelings… We had good discussion on the way home & back at my house.”

    “I thought you might like to know that I was completely in agreement with your comments this evening.  Like Kerry Livgren, I came to Christ out of false doctrine… so I am very  sensitive to heresy and false doctrine. You are very right that heresy starts with an altered opinion of God’s nature and  to quote Kerry “there is no merit in reading a false depiction of God.” …When it comes to Truth there is no middle ground. In my opinion you stood up for Truth tonight.”

    “Just in case you were wondering, you rocked that sermon. It was terrific!”

    “Just wanted to tell you that God really touched my heart through your words on Sunday. I guess I needed to be reminded that God is certain and that He is working behind the scenes. I know it, I’ve known it for years, and I truly believe it, but I guess life has a way of bogging us down. Seems like WE try to do all the “fixing” and when we fail, it seems hopeless. But, if we can just get out of the way and let Him do the work, the result is so much better. Thanks so much for this reminder.  It’s given me a new perspective to take into 2009.”

    You are one of the most wonderful preachers I have ever had the privilege of listening to… I am honored to have been a part of those blessings… I thoroughly enjoy your refreshing sense of humor and straight-forwardness.”

    “The sermon today was excellent. Great, humorous intro… Great challenge to rest on God, whose Spirit is mighty. Thanks for that!!”

    “I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to you yesterday morning… You opened a great opportunity for us… Your communication skills are impressive, your public speaking, excellent. Great job!”

    “Thanks for your message on Sunday. It’s my favorite kind of sermon—expounding on a passage.”

    “You did a really good job yesterday with a simple but complex truth… Paul’s sharing of his on anguish shows us all that we can only beat the “wild dog” through the Holy Spirit that dwells within us. Thanks be to God for sending Jesus to die for our sins.”

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