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  • Good Friday

    Posted on March 22nd, 2008 admin No comments

    Daniel’s childhood story is one to remember. You can participate in Daniel’s story by visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. As you walk through this first floor exhibit you will be flanked by scores of elementary and middle school children. Together, you become friends with Daniel. You meet his father, his mother and his sister Erika. You visit Daniel’s house in Germany. You walk through the kitchen, see the brown cookies with “Erika” written on them in pink icing. You see the storage bin labeled “Daniel’s stuff.” You see Daniel’s little jackets hanging in the closet. You see the medal Daniel’s father earned for bravery in the first World War that he gave to Daniel.

    You walk with Daniel as his life changes at age 11. You hear the radio announcement from Munich Germany, Sep 29, 1938, Read the rest of this entry »