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  • A Good One

    Posted on June 21st, 2009 admin No comments

    He was a good one. He led by example. He taught the value of hard work by working hard. He demonstrated sacrificial love for his wife by the way he loved my mom.

    He loved by sharing himself. He found space in a crowded duck blind for a kid who couldn’t shoot. He forgot about the trophy largemouth bass and settled for one bluegill after another. He kept one of the worst kids on the baseball team on the team. He spent time caring for 4-H animals – chickens, sheep, hogs and cattle – because all of that had something to do with me.

    Some people have no such memories to be thankful for. Others have horrific memories – mentioning the word “father” makes them cringe. This reality is unfortunate, especially as we reach the day labeled “Father’s Day” on our wall calendars.

    While there is certainly nothing wrong with having Father’s Day, I can’t help but think about all the people who would rather skip this holiday. There are kids raised by someone other than Dad and there are fathers who regret so much. Both will miss out this weekend unless they think bigger than themselves.

    The truth is that everyone has a good Father. He is spiritual, so you can’t see him. He is not going to knock on your front door and invite you to his house for dinner. He will, however, prompt you to love him just as he loves you. He will teach you that the only way to know him is by believing in his son, Jesus Christ, whom he sent to earth to die in your place. He will then give you hope to live life by explaining the significance of Christ’s resurrection.

    When you come to the Father by believing in Jesus Christ, you will have reason to celebrate Father’s Day. You will know, “I have a good one.”


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