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  • “Midnight Kiss” Book Summary

    Posted on April 11th, 2009 admin No comments

    Here is a summary of Casey’s first book, Midnight Kiss: Simplifying Christian Dating. This book has not been published yet, so it is too early to get a paper copy into your hands. However, let us know if you’d like to be contacted when the book is available.

    Christian dating has become extremely complicated, but Casey W. Moore’s work on the subject offers a simplified approach. Midnight Kiss inspires Christian singles with the truth that dating can become a natural extension of their spiritual lives. The identity of Christian singles as valuable members of the body of Christ forms the basis of this fresh look at Christian dating. By understanding biblical truth, singles can approach dating as a process designed by God rather than as a game.

    Part one deals with the complexity of Christian dating. This information is important for anyone seeking to understand issues faced by Christian singles in today’s fast-paced society. A casual writing style keeps readers engaged as they relate to issues raised by the author. The author connects the dots through humorous stories that allow readers to recognize the need for simplicity.

    One concept that distinguishes this book from others is that it encourages singles to date. Relationships with Christians of the opposite sex are viewed as healthy rather than taboo. Society has confused God-assigned gender roles. This confusion complicates the development of new relationships. The behavioral landscape of singles is compared to the sea. Singles act as sea creatures; sharks, piranhas, stingrays or clams; depending on gender and the respective level of aggression toward each other. An optimum range of aggression offers singles insight into building healthy relationships.

    Part two explains how singles should view dating. This instruction begins by explaining the significance of a distinctively Christian identity. Understanding one’s Christian identity sets the foundation for a biblical approach to dating. God’s nature is the basis of God’s design for relationships.

    This simplified approach suggests the goal of dating is not marriage but Christlikeness. An encouraging appeal to pursue Christian dating in the “yielded zone” replaces rules and checklists. Life lived in the “yielded zone” follows God’s criteria for whom you can date and longs to please Christ, rather than self. God’s two criteria are: 1) the person must be a Christian and 2) they must be of the opposite sex. Simple yet memorable figures help readers understand the simplified model.

    Part three challenges singles to accept the simplified approach to dating. Biblical stories offer examples of people who followed God and reaped rewards. Moore’s practical instruction applies biblical theology in a relevant and memorable manner. The reader leaves with a greater understanding of how everything in life, including Christian dating, is an extension of the spiritual life, which should be lived for God’s glory.

    All Christian singles, from teenagers to senior adults, and anyone seeking to encourage singles, such as parents, close friends and pastors, should discover the truth unfolded in this book.

    Simplifying Christian dating begins with a philosophical shift in how dating is approached. By simplifying the dating process, this book will move Christian singles to abundant life in Jesus Christ!


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